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USC Nonprofit Resilient Leaders and Capacity Building Program

Vision Statement

Cultivate the growth and development of nonprofit leaders who support positive transformational change in our communities.



Mission Statement

The purpose of the program is to provide a valuable learning experience for nonprofit leaders to engage in strategy development, develop their organizational and leadership capacity, and build a collaborative network that supports transformational change within their organizations in order to better serve their communities.



Purpose, Courage, Strength, Dedication, Perseverance


Program Description

The USC Nonprofit Resilient Leaders and Capacity Building Program supports the growth and development of local diverse nonprofit leaders. This program provides leaders with access to new information and resources, practical strategies and opportunities to engage and network with strategic thought partners. This experience ultimately helps to create transformational change and growth for the participating organizations and the communities they serve.

We partner with industry experts to facilitate high quality instruction. The Nonprofit Program Advisory Committee provides direction and counsel throughout the development, implementation and evaluation of the program. All program participants are required to complete a Final Project, which outlines their strategic goals as they relate to the content learned. This program is funded in part by Citizens Business Bank.


  • Nonprofit Leader in an executive level leadership role for at least 1 year.

  • Located and operating in one of the following counties: Los Angeles, Orange, San Diego, or Inland Empire.

  • Must be a community based nonprofit, primarily serving low-moderate income clients or participants.

  • Nonprofit organization for which the applicant is representing must be incorporated and established for a minimum of 1 year.

  • Only one representative per organization can apply and participate. 

  • Must attend informational webinar.  

Congratulations to the 2022 Program Graduates!

Click below to view some of our former instructors. They are the ones who are responsible for our great growth.


This program is for senior level leaders of established nonprofit organizations in Southern California. Check out our course schedule.

Happy Couple

Our cohort results give an excellent example of the value our leaders received from our program.

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Highlighting nonprofit leaders of the 2020 cohort in action and the organizations they represent.

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